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2019. október 23. szerda - KÖZTÁRSASÁG KIKIÁLTÁSA, Gyöngyi

2014. július 29. kedd, 12:46

Research on Social Movements and Civil Society

Aims and Scope of Research

Our research group deals with the understandings of civil society, civil participation and citizenship in Hungary and in the area. We put special emphasis on phenomena able to explain the shaping of civil society in the long term and the formation of the new social  movements since the political and economic crisis started in 2006 and 2008.
Although at this point we deal mostly with Hungarian cases, our purpose is to extend our research to Central and Eastern Europe and to the Mediterranian, esepacially Greece.

Recent Publications

Ákos Kopper
Why Guernica became a globally used icon of political protest? Analysis of its visual rhetoric and capacity to link distinct events of protests into a Grand Narrative (2014) accepted for publication by: International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society (published by the New School, New York). DOI: 10.1007/s10767-014-9176-9
Márton Gerő, Pál Susánszky
Student Movements and the Politics of Higher Education
In: EDUCATIO 23:(1) pp. 121-132. (2014) (Hungarian)

Pál Susánszky, Márton Gerő
Mobilizational characteristics of the Student Network. In: Andrea Szabó (ed.) Racionálisan lázadó hallgatók II.: Apátia - radikalizmus - posztmaterializmus a magyar egyetemisták és főiskolások körében. Budapest: Belvedere Meridionale, 2014. pp. 135-151. (Hungarian)
Félix Anikó- Gregor Anikó (2014) Do you need a team? Examining Jobbik and its young supporters from gender approach. In: Nagy Á - Szekely L (ed.): Másodkézből -Magyar Ifjúság 2012, Iszt Alapítvány-Kutatópont, Budapest. (in Hungarian)


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