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2019. október 23. szerda - KÖZTÁRSASÁG KIKIÁLTÁSA, Gyöngyi
Fokasz Nikosz

2011. május 06. péntek, 14:08
Fokasz Nikosz
This study investigated the temporal dynamics of articles in connection with 'lies' which appeared in Hungarian dailies Népszabadság and Magyar Nemzet during a several year long time period. We targeted to reveal how the press reacted to Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány speech, when he said that they had lied throughout his term in office. We present a typology of media dynamics based on our previous results of investigating the same dailies and certain analytical procedures, which arise from the literature about of diffusion of innovations. Having reviewed the possible typology of media dynamics we return to the dynamic analysis of the topic of 'lying' or 'lies'. One of the main results was, that from an "evergreen" 'lying' turned into a "sensation-based" topic in the fall of 2006, and the prime minister's leaked speech was this sensation.

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