Barangolás a társadalomtudományi kutatás világában
2019. október 23. szerda - KÖZTÁRSASÁG KIKIÁLTÁSA, Gyöngyi
Fokasz Nikosz

2011. május 06. péntek, 11:55
Fokasz Nikosz
The logistical function has been known and used by scientist more than hundred years for mathematical description of progresses. Different diffusion processes, such as the spread of contagion diseases or innovations show logistical growth as well. On basis of these, we targeted to reveal the signs of logistical growth on some specific area of the daily newspapers. For this purpose first we have chosen the recently most spectacular and well-defined discussions in Hungary. We examined how the press reacted to the announcement made at Christmas in 2003 in the radio channel called "Radio Tilos", were one of participant declared that he "would liquidate all Christians". The evolution in time of the number of articles published reminds us strongly of typical S curve of the logistic growth. It turned out that publishing occurred in several waves, mainly in three well-differentiated categories. We try to apply the logistic function on these categories. By using the logistic fit we could measure the state of emergency in the daily press.

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